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Currently there are many C++ static analysis tools available on the market. As most of these tools are rather costly (either due to high direct license costs, or because of hidden costs of getting it up and running for free tools) it is very important to do a proper test-drive of different products to make a good purchase decision.

Some of these tools are not that easy to try - getting trial consists of multiple steps that include direct contact with companies' sales departments. Here are the most popular static analysis tools for C++ (Visual Studio's static analysis, Intel C++ compiler's static analysis, cppcheck, PVS-Studio, Coverity, Klocwork Insight for C++, Parasoft C/C++ Test, PC-Lint and some other Lint variants) arranged by ease of getting the trial. Also here are steps that are required to get and start using this trial.

ProductTime to get startedStepts to get started
PVS-StudioThe winner!5 minutes
  1. Click here to download the latest version of PVS-Studio (it is about 20Mb)
  2. Start the installation, it usually takes less than a minute to complete it
  3. Start Visual Studio, load the solution you want to check
  4. In Visual Studio click on PVS-Studio menu, then Check Solution.
    As solution is checked you might start browsing through the list of detected errors
Visual Studio 2012 C++ analyzer
1 hour
  1. To get Visual Studio static code analysis toolkit click here to download trial version of Visual Studio 2012 (full size is up to 1.5Gb)
  2. Wait for Visual Studio to complete installation. It takes about an hour and a reboot or two
  3. Open your solution. When prompted, convert it to VS12 format as static analysis works only for these projects
  4. From Analyze menu choose Run Code Analysis
  5. As analysis proceeds you might browse preliminary results
Note: PREfast static analyzer is a part of Windows DDK and should be downloaded separately.
Intel C++ Static Analysis2 hours
  1. Choose a target platform on the page, fill in trial request form
  2. Check your e-mail, automated reply from Intel will include a link to Parallel Studio XE trial (Static Analysis functionality is a part of this bundle). Parallel Studio XE also includes Intel C++ compiler which is required to run static analysis
  3. Download the package (download size is about 1.7Gb)
  4. Start installation when download finishes (it takes about 30 minutes to complete installation), restart Visual Studio
  5. Open Solution and convert it to be used with Intel C++ compiler (static analysis is available only for Intel-compiled applications). Time to convert varies significantly depending on solution size and complexity and might require changes to the source code and project settings
  6. After conversion is complete run static analysis from the project's or solution's context menu
cppcheck2 hours
  1. Download cppcheck distribution from this location (less than 10Mb)
  2. Install downloaded .msi file
  3. As cppcheck does not integrate into Visual Studio and does not support importing its project files you have to create new cppcheck project and set it up. Depending on the size of the solution it might take up to few hours
Coverity productsMore than a day
  1. Request a trial by filling the form
  2. Wait to be contact by Coverity sales team and follow their instructions
Klocwork Insight for C++More than a day
  1. Request a trial by filling the form
  2. Wait to be contact by Klocwork sales team and follow their instructions
Parasoft C/C++ TestMore than a day
  1. Request a trial by filling the form
  2. Wait to be contact by Klocwork sales team and follow their instructions
PC-Lint and other Lint variants (splint, cpplint)N/A No PC-Lint trial is available, just check out some interactive demos. Also you might download splint here and cpplint here. Both are free and you don't need to download trial versions to start.
HP FortifyN/A HP Fortify trial is not available for download. Contacts and other trial downloads from HP could be found here

This page provides only official link to download sites and locations, it does not contain any link to cracks, keygens and other illegal ways to get full versions of non-free software
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